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Why Power Electric Services?

We offer several unique advantages over our competitors:

Electricity, Gas, Heating, Air Con – The Lot

We can install, service and maintain all your periphery electrical systems including plumbing, heating and air conditioning, all at highly competitive rates because our work processes have been honed to perfection over the past two decades.

Beat Down Bills

As well as getting great value for money, our clients also enjoy lower annual electricity bills because we only use systems that are energy efficient.

From Inception to Completion

From using CAD for our designs to the modular nature of our work, we can be trusted to create cohesive, adaptive systems from the ground up that are tailored to you and your operations.

Efficiency-Focused & Hassle-Free

We develop systems that integrate effortlessly with existing company structures and, thanks to our focus on modular solutions, they can be maintained easily and efficiently.

'Unplug & Go'

Because of the modular nature of our work, you can take our systems with you if you move to new premises – there's no need to start from scratch, plus we can coordinate the move for you with minimum fuss and spend.

Open All Hours

Whether it's a blocked drain at three in the morning or a power outage at a depot at six in the evening, we're open 24/7 and are also happy to offer free advice over the phone.

Health & Safety First

Like you, health and safety is our number one priority. All our work is legislation compliant and we only use Gas Safe-registered contractors for our plumbing and heating services.

From Farm to Factory

We're happy to work in any environment whether it's installing lighting in an office, servicing an air con system in a factory... or fixing a dairy's cow gate so farmers can get their herds milked on time.