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Testimonials - PES - Electrical Contractors Sussex

At Power Electric Services we take pride in our work, we are transparent and fair, and go out of our way to ensure you receive the best possible service, but don't take our word for it, here is what some of our clients have said about us:


Alan McElwaine, Production Manager
Ferryfield Mouldings

We always know that PES are 100% on our side. They understand how our business works and how important it is to keep production going. They are always available when we need them and always have a smart solution to whatever challenge we throw at them.


Alan Stride, Director
Premier Impressions

I have lost count of how much money PES have saved us over the years. They understand that time is money and that, for companies like ours, shutdowns can be very costly. They are always available at short notice and know how to get the job done with minimal disruption.


Lawrence Dennis-Smither, Club Secretary
Seaford Golf Club

I’m amazed by the savings we have made through the energy efficient technology that PES recommended and installed. Their charges are remarkably low and their work has already paid for itself. Our energy overheads are now permanently much lower.


Steve Coral, Production Manager
Whistlestop Plastics

The quality of workmanship delivered by PES has been consistently excellent. Every job has been done to the highest standards and every bill they have submitted has been a pleasant surprise.


John Stoneham, Regional Manager
SCA Recycling

I can’t think of another company who we could call out on a Sunday to deal with an emergency and who would work flat out through the night to fix it in a really smart way. And I certainly can’t think of one whose charges are so reasonable.


Roy Foxwell, Property Manager
Brightwell Dispensers

PES have taken a great weight off our shoulders. We leave all our electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation work to them in the knowledge that they will get everything done at a really great price.


Gary Thomas, Salon Owner
Mooch Hairdressers

PES has restored our faith in tradespeople. The company helped us deal with a difficult situation at the last minute and delivered on time and budget, ensuring that we had a successful opening day.